Because we focus on contact and authenticity with each of our clients, we wanted to introduce you to the Rungo team in more detail !

Romuald DARIOT

Romuald DARIOT

Founder & CEO

After a career as a Web Design OI / sales engineer,
I decided to create my
own digital agency in 2012: the name
Rungo was already there !
But it was not until 2019 that a major
transformation arrives as
Rungo becomes a full-fledged company.
Today, four full-time employees work
within the agency while
three external collaborators
reinforce the team according to the projects.
Passionate about personal development,
the practice of aikido and scuba
diving, I am an open-minded leader
whose values are based on respect.

And because I have
an entrepreneurial spirit, I bring creativity, technicality,
professionalism and respect for
commitments to all the digital
projects I lead for my clients.

My educational backgroud :
- DUT Gestion des Entreprises et Administrations option Finance Compta à l'IUT (2003-2005)
- Finance Accounting (2003-2005)
- Marketing degree at IAE (2005-2006)
- Graduate School of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Réunion Indian Ocean at ESIROI (2012-2014)
All this course took place in Reunion Island.

A statement that characterizes me?
« Being able to move at thespeed of thought ! »

Romuald DARIOT

Tahamili MOUSSA

Co-Founder & Customer Relations Officer

I am committed to bringing real added value to my clients on a daily basis while taking the time to establish the foundations of a healthy operation: we prefer quality to superficial speed and total understanding of our clients' needs rather than imposing our decisions. I rely on three core values :

- empathy: even in the professional world, I believe in goodwill, which allows us to always find a consensus.

- Commitment: I don't let go and don't stop until the mission is really finished and my client is satisfied.

- strength of character: I am a fighter because I like to move forward, understand and learn! Did you know that Rungo is featured in "Le Mac", the magazine of the Best Communication Actors of the Indian Ocean ?

My educational background :
- BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations (NCR) in Les Avirons.
- Bachelor's degree in Economics at the University of Reunion
- Master's degree in Economics, specializing in Quantitative Methods and Modeling for Business (QMMB)

A statement that characterizes me ?
« Change is neither good nor bad. It is progress, that's
all. It can be welcomed with dread or joy.»

Romuald DARIOT


Digital Marketer

I believe in teamwork, because with several people, we are stronger and even more intelligent! I am passionate about Digital Marketing, because it is a field where you have to be creative and at the same time, have certain technical skills.
In 2020, after a few years in Belgium, I got my first job as a Digital Marketer in a top 20 agency in Belgium.

But I missed my island too much. So I came back to Reunion Island with my wife...
It was on this beautiful island that I met Romuald Dariot and his wife: they gave me the wonderful opportunity to join Rungo !

This good atmosphere and benevolence characterize the agency: by the way, many of our clients appreciate setting up digital projects with us, because they simply feel good !

My educational background :
- Bachelor's degree in marketing in 2013
- HELMo (Haute École Libre Mosane), a Business School in Liege, option Marketing.
- Multiple certifications in digital marketing

A statement that characterizes me ?
« We are never given a trial that we cannot overcome ! »

Romuald DARIOT

Brillant MORY J. A.

Full-stack Web Developer

Native of Tulear, I joined Rungo as a full-stack web developer, after working for TCM (TheCodingMachine), a leading web development company in Europe.

My professional commitment is based on three values :
- Humanism: for me, it is necessary to evolve in consciousness in our lives. That's why I show empathy with all the people I meet.

- Transparency: I believe in seeking the truth and not hiding things. Of course, we can all make mistakes, but it is important to recognize them in order to learn from them.

Going beyond our limits: always improving allows us to go far. That's why I spend a lot of time training myself so that all our clients can benefit from the latest advances in programming and digital technologies.

My educational background :
- Baccalaureate at Houssen Memorial School
- Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (2011-2016)
- Computer and Telecommunication Engineer (2016-2018)

A statement that characterizes me ?
« Help yourself and the heaven will help you »