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Definitely a top-of-the-range offer and which gives you all that you can dream of to have your online business or a 5 pages website perfectly developed!

At €2338.36 excl. tax , you benefit from all the advantages of the "Love one" offer with the added advantage of particularly efficient integrated payment solutions.
We also install and configure the Woocommerce extension so that your store is immediately operational!

Here are the details of all that
we offer you:

  •   Analysis of your needs
  •   Writing of the specifications
  •   Purchase of the Server & NDD (1st year offered)
  •   Addition of the Whois option
  •   WordPress installation
  •   Theme purchase and installation
  •   Theme customization
  •   SSL Certificate Installation
  •   Legal Notice + Terms of Use
  •   RGPD / Cookies insertion
  •   Terms and conditions insertion
  •   Woocommerce installation
  •   Entry of 50 References
  •   Integration of payment methods
  •   Test of reliability
  •   Writing of texts (1500 words max)
  •   Media search
  •   Media and text insertion
  •   Form insertion
  •   Menu creation
  •   Optimization of the responsiveness
  •   Delivery and exchange
  •   Minor corrections

An all-in-one solution to finally be visible on the Internet! Thanks to this simple and effective proposal, you will have your own five-page website, made exactly to your image! Profiting from the latest technologies and a careful design, your presence on the Internet or that of your company will be truly optimized.

For 1510,26€ excl. tax, you will get a powerful WordPress website with theme customization, domain name ownership, professional writing of texts, insertion of Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and GDRP, an SSL certificate, addition of media, integrated forms... In short, a complete package, thought above all for your visibility and the acquisition of new customers!

With this offer, we thought above all to people who start on the Internet but who do not want to spend a fortune to be visible. Their goal is to be present on the Web but without the need for a multi-page site or an online store.

For only 819,88€ excl. tax, you will have a website " One Page " powerful and very aesthetic. Among other advantages, you will benefit from a customization of the graphic theme, the insertion of the Legal Notice, the addition of the Privacy Policy and GDRP, the purchase of your domain name...

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we have available to you...

But that's not all !

Because we are committed professionals, we offer you a wide range of options that
will allow you to customize your website exactly the way you want it, but also to benefit from
analyses of your online presence.
See for yourself...

  •   Analysis / relevance of your online presence: 617,00€.
  •   Creation of 5 professional emails + redirection, annual fee (1 year commitment): 44,06€.
  •   Adding an extra page (without writing) : 95,86€
  •   Adding reference (without writing) : 1,76€
  •   Renewal guarantee 280J : 17,87€ 
  •   EV Pro SSL Certificate Annual fee (5 years commitment) : 115,84€.
  •   Inserting a blog post : 13,18€
  •   Copywriting: 0,24€ (per word)
  •   Visual design hourly rate: 61,71€
  •   Video less than one minute (without capture): 250,00€.
  •   Translation (on demand)
  •   SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) on 5 pages: 299,64€.
  •   Security monthly fee (1 year commitment): 26,36€.
  •   Full backup monthly fee (1 year commitment): 26,26€.
  •   Maintenance and update monthly fee (1 year commitment) : 52,71€
  •   Statistics monthly fee (1 year commitment) : 25,71€
  •   Setting up your Google My Business listing : 61,71€
Connected world amico

Social networks ?
Inescapable at the moment !

In order to ensure an effective presence on social networks, we have developed a set of services (Community Management) designed to make you better known.

  •   Template : 61,71€
  •   Declination: 24,69€ (excluding video)
  •   Content Calendar design: 4,94€ (per line)
  •   Publication: 4,94€ (per publication)
  •   Video without capture (-1 min) : 250,00€
  •   Bonus : Statistical reports + real-time control & validation tool
  •   Stratégie digitale : 617,00€